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Freshen Up Your Brand: Is It Time for a Rebrand?

Rebranding involves reshaping how your company is perceived. It’s like giving your business a new wardrobe and a fresh haircut to stay relevant and attractive. You wouldn’t let your hair go 6 years without a chop, so why let your brand? 

Why Rebrand?

A strong brand creates memorable experiences, drawing customers and fostering loyalty. However, with the rapid pace of technological advancements and market trends, a brand created a decade ago may no longer resonate with its desired audience. 

Even industry giants rebrand every so often. Here’s a few logo rebrands alone we’ve seen this year: 

  • Klarna, a Swedish fintech brand known for their ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service has refreshed their colour and dropped the full stop. 

  • RSPCA, a leading British animal welfare charity freshened their looks with an artistry typography trend we’re seeing a lot lately 

  • Lamborghini, a luxury car manufacturer favours a more minimalist refresh

  • Decathlon, a sports equipment brand comes as part of a complete global redesign 

Even from just 4 examples above, you can see the impact a brand refresh can have on businesses. Each is moving with the times and simplifying how their brands are seen in the real world. 

Signs It’s Time to Rebrand

Now back to you, are you wondering if it’s time for a rebrand? Here are our key indicators:

1. Your Brand Blends in with Competitors

If your brand looks like every other competitor, it’s time to stand out. The unique element that sets you apart is YOU. Make sure your brand personality is vibrant and distinct.

2. Your Branding Feels Outdated

If your branding hasn’t been refreshed in years, it’s more than likely time for a makeover. A significant 60% of consumers avoid companies with ugly logos, even if they have good reviews. Simplifying your logo and updating your colour scheme can modernise your brand.

3. Your Business Has Evolved

Has your business model shifted? Expanded your offerings? Changed strategy? Your branding should reflect these changes. Revisit your core elements and ensure your rebrand aligns with your current state.

4. Your Brand Doesn’t Reflect Your Values

Your core values, mission statement, and business plan may need updating. Clearly articulate your purpose, vision, and values to ensure your brand stays true to what your company stands for.

5. Your Audience Has Shifted

Your target demographic may now prefer different platforms or media. Adapting to your audience’s preferences is crucial. Ensure your message remains clear and resonant by keeping your core values and mission statement front and centre.

6. You’re Embarrassed by Your Brand

If you cringe when handing out your business card or directing people to your website, it’s time for a rebrand. This can drag on both external promotion and internal morale. Sometimes, a cosmetic refresh is all you need to regain confidence in your brand.

7. Your Brand Has Become Overly Complicated

If your brand feels scattered or confusing, it may be time to rebrand. Simplifying and focusing your brand can make it more effective and easier for customers to understand.

8. You’re Undergoing an Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions often necessitate a rebrand to ensure optimal brand architecture and prevent confusion or redundancy.

9. Your Business Has Expanded Geographically

If you’ve moved or expanded beyond your original location, a rebrand can help address the new customer base and regional needs.

10. You Need to Disassociate from Negative Perceptions

If your brand has negative connotations, a rebrand can help you start fresh and shift public perception.

11. You’re Struggling to Raise Prices

A rebrand can redefine the value customers place on your offerings, allowing you to adjust pricing more effectively.

12. You’re Not Attracting Top Talent

A strong employer brand can attract motivated and talented individuals. Rebranding can help redefine your brand for current and future employees.

Ready to Rebrand?

Understanding the signs that it’s time to rebrand is crucial. Once you’ve decided to move forward, start with a brand audit to assess strengths and weaknesses, understand your market, and ensure your rebrand is evidence-based.


Q: How often should I rebrand? A: Typically, businesses consider a rebrand every 7 to 10 years, with minor updates in between.

Q: Will a rebrand alienate my loyal customers? A: A rebrand can strengthen your relationship with loyal customers by showing evolution and relevance.

Q: What’s the first step in rebranding? A: Speak to the experts and start with a brand audit to assess your current brand’s strengths and weaknesses and understand your market and audience. 

Remember, keeping your brand fresh is essential for staying competitive. Ready for a new beginning? Let’s make it happen!

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