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Why A Digital PR Specialist Should Always Be Involved in Content Creation

If you’ve been on the creative side of content marketing, you know not every idea is a winner. Sometimes projects gather a few links and then vanish under a pile of other content.

To compete, you have to ensure the content you’re creating, from the idea to the actual execution, is compelling enough to earn the coverage and attention you hope it’ll achieve.

And there’s one really excellent way to do this: involve a digital PR specialist from the get-go.

Digital PR specialists are responsible for interacting and building relationships with the media, so they likely spend around 70% of their workday online.

Typically, they’re reading new studies, picking apart articles, and getting to know writers. It’s only natural that after experiencing the nuances of the news cycle, PR specialists are able to recognize which ideas make it big.

If that kind of market research already exists in the brains of the outreach specialists on your team, why not utilize it?

Using your PR pros will help expand creative ideas from using only what the creative team thinks is interesting to using what publishers think is interesting. Who knows? A single tip from an outreach specialist could turn a mediocre campaign into a huge win for a client.

You have a great idea, you research it, pull all the data, and it falls flat. Sometimes the stories you thought would be told through data don’t come to fruition. But this doesn’t mean your project is DOA, your outreach specialist may be able to revive it.

Having an eye on the media means that outreach specialists may be able to extract something from a project that would have otherwise been overlooked. Digital PR pros can draw up some ideal headlines or takeaways to increase the project’s chances of appealing to particular publishers and audiences.

Whether it means tying the data to a trending story or pitching a vertical not initially intended to be a match for your content, there’s usually always a way to distill data into a highly promotable headline:

“Outreach specialists are my secret weapon in creating compelling data-driven story content,” he said. “More than anything, they help me get out of my own way by always finding the promotable and most interesting parts of content and finding ways to highlight them.”

Create better content.

Incorporating feedback from several team members throughout the life of a project can mean improved results from your content marketing efforts.

Consider hosting collaborative meetings every once in a while or implementing edits from your outreach specialists if an idea falls dry.

Ultimately, using a digital PR specialist in your content creation will help you create promotable content because of the work with the media and interaction online.

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