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Keeping your brand current. Is it time for a rebrand?

First off, what does rebranding even mean? Well, to rebrand /riːˈbrand/ is to change the image of a company or organisation.

People buy from experiences, which is why establishing a strong brand is a necessity. But with the changing times and everchanging technology, you can’t expect something that was designed over 10 years ago to still work for your brand today. 

Even the biggest FTSE 500 have rebranded over the years. AppleInc. has had four significant design changes to become the iconic, bitten apple logo we know today. Most businesses consider rebranding once every 7 to 10 years with smaller refreshes in between to elevate their visual identity.

Rebranding is needed to keep your brand current and as design trends and consumer preferences adapt, your brand identity is what keeps you ahead of the curve. 

When to consIder rebranding

Below, we explore when, why and how to rebrand. 

If the below points resonate with you, guess what, it’s time to start thinking about a rebrand* 

*Or give us a call and we’ll do it for you 😉 

When you can’t differentiate from your competitors

When you look like everybody else in your industry it’s time to make sure that what you’re bringing to the table is different. The main difference between you and your competitor is YOU. So make sure your brand personality is clear when considering how you’re presented to your target audience. 

When you’re not keeping up with current trends 

Ask yourself how much time has passed since you last looked at your branding. Have the times changed? Does your branding look dated? 

A huge 60% of consumers avoid companies with logos that have weird or unappealing designs even if they have good reviews.

TOP TIP: busy logos are a no, no and simplicity is in. 

It could be that your branding is outdated and giving it a new lease on life could help you to engage with your audience. You might also have a logo that’s too busy or trying to incorporate too many colours, so it’s time to step back and simplify. 

We also have a blog to help you choose the right branding colours. 

When your business model, core offerings or overall strategy has changed/evolved 

You guessed it – REBRAND! let’s face it when you picked your brand the first time around, you were still working on the logistics and figuring out who your customers were! And even when you’ve been able to give your brand an identity, business plans change and things can become outdated quickly. 

As your business has evolved, chances are your strategy and offering will have changed too. Go back to basics (looking at things like your employee handbook and business structure) and make sure these changes are represented in your rebrand process. 

You can find more on this in our recent blog on how to build a positive brand association. 

When it’s no longer reflecting your values. Core values, mission statement and your business plan all play a part. 

All things we recognise but what do they mean!? 

  • The mission statement communicates the purpose of the organisation. 
  • The vision statement provides insight into what the company hopes to achieve or become. 
  • The values statement reflects the organisation’s core principles and ethics. 

Have you updated your audience? 

Maybe your audience has changed or technology has evolved how you communicate with them entirely. For example, your target demographic could be largely using Instagram now instead of Facebook so might your content need to shift? Or are you still promoting yourself in print media when your audience has moved online? 

Connecting with your existing customer base and considering how to communicate effectively with your new target customers can take time and effort. But, so long as you keep your core values and mission statement at the forefront, your voice will always be clear to your audience. 

So now you understand why and when you need to rebrand. But how do you even begin a rebrand? Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog in our branding series on how you can nail your rebrand.

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