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Why We Go Beyond the Norm

We thought it was about time we truly defined why we lovingly dub ourselves ‘not your typical agency”. Ultimately, it’s because we are so much more than just marketing; we’re about people, relationships, and delivering results that matter.

Below, we dive into what local love really means, how we’re committed to our community and how much we value the SC team and the clients we work with. 

Let’s break it down:

Local Roots, Lasting Relationships

With 75% of our clients being local superstar businesses in Milton Keynes, ranging from startups to established brands. We really feel like we’re proud members of the community and have been for seven successful years. We’ve worked and continue to work with fantastic brands who are making big movements in the city. 

Our motto is to forget about B2B or B2C, it’s all about Human to Human (H2H). We’re not just about business; we’re in it to build real connections. We’re all about making lasting friendships with our clients and helping them rock their success story. 

Our approach involves crafting vibrant branding, impactful marketing collateral, and evergreen content that not only drives traffic but also adds a splash of colour to their journey. We’re not just here for business; we’re here to be a part of the partnerships that make Milton Keynes thrive.

Commitment to Community

Our commitment goes beyond business success; it extends to the Milton Keynes business community. A recent highlight is our influencer campaign, where we collaborated with 16 local hotels to transform MK from a day destination to a stay destination. We’ve been engaging influencers to experience our beautiful city, stay in local hotels, dine out, and explore attractions. We reached over 205,000 people on social media – and the numbers are still climbing as the campaign continues – cool right? Check out some of the reels on our socials

Growing Together

Our team is rapidly expanding, with a 150% increase in growth over the last 12 months. Rooted in our core values – Honesty, Respect & Care, Transparency, Creativity, Growth, and Partnership – we build long-lasting relationships within our team and beyond. We believe in giving back, from employee benefits like enhanced maternity leave and well-being sessions to community-focused marketing passion projects. And that’s just the start – our commitment to making a positive impact flows into our culture too. Intrigued? Well, you gotta stick around and read more to find out how we make it all happen! 

Flexibility and Family

Recognising that the 9-5 model doesn’t work for everyone, we prioritise flexibility for our employees. Our founder and Director, Joss & Gemma are a husband and wife team and family very much sits at their core and you guessed it, it’s extended to the SC team members of course! 

We value family commitments and provide a supportive environment where personal and professional lives can thrive with balance. Heck, we’ve even hosted marketing meetings at local soft plays to fit around client schedules – talk about getting the job done hey?!

Generosity in Action

We’re committed to being generous to our clients and community. From passion projects with supported living organisations, such as S4i, to social media campaigns promoting #SmallBusinessSaturday, we actively contribute to positive change in our community. 

Culture of Inclusivity

Alright, let’s get real now about the whole culture thing in the business world – it’s kind of a maze with everyone throwing around different meanings. So culture isn’t just some trendy word; it’s basically a way of life. You’ve probably seen or have worked at those workplaces that try to win you over with Pizza Fridays. I mean, I once worked at a place where free fruit on Mondays was considered a perk. Although you can’t complain about free snacks but… 

Here’s the deal – these perks mean squat if it’s all a smokescreen for overworking, burnout, and feeling like your voice doesn’t matter. It’s more than just goodies; it’s about feeling valued. So, when we talk about culture and inclusion, it goes way beyond the snack game. (although you only have to watch our insta stories to know our snake game is also very strong). 

Still not buying it? Why not check out Gemma’s blog on Company Culture for more insight.

At SC, we continuously work hard to build an inclusive environment that transcends typical agency norms. What sets us apart is not just the projects we undertake but the unwavering support and passion each team member brings to every partnership. As more than just a business in MK, we are supporters and champions of growth, both personal and professional. We’re all about lifting each other up, not just pushing projects forward.

So in summary, we’re not your typical agency – we are your partners in success, dedicated to making a meaningful impact on our community and beyond. Join us on this journey, where creativity meets compassion and results speak for themselves.

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