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The Magic of Passion Projects in Marketing

At Spinks Creative, we’ve discovered a secret weapon that fuels creativity and fun within the team, but also gives us the opportunity to give back and help other organisations within our community. So, what is it?

Passion projects!

So what is a passion project?

A passion project is what we call the projects we undertake within the community for a small or no fee. We love to support local businesses which is why we’ve worked on lots of passion projects over the years. We love the way they allow for unbridled exploration of ideas, innovation, and team collaboration. Whether it’s a new website for a local community project or a six month mentoring scheme for a local charity, we love to work with businesses that are close to our hearts and these projects are fueled by a genuine interest in the business. Fostering a sense of authenticity and fulfilment that goes beyond the confines of our more traditional work.


When Joss and I reinvented Spinks Creative in 2020, we knew that the business was never going to just be about earning money. We have a true passion for supporting and reimagining businesses and loved the idea that this didn’t always have to be dictated by budget. So passion projects were always something we agreed would be part of our business from the outset and something that always will be.  

How we’ve helped local Milton Keynes Businesses 

We’re committed to being generous to our clients and community. Whether we’re working with supported living organisations, such as S4i, to executing social media campaigns to promote #SmallBusinessSaturday, we are actively contributing to positive change in our community. 

A recent example of one of our passion projects is our influencer campaign, where we collaborated with 16 local hotels to transform MK from a day destination to a stay destination. We’ve been engaging influencers to experience our beautiful city, stay in local hotels, dine out, and explore attractions. We reached over 205,000 people on social media – and the numbers are still climbing as the campaign continues – cool right? 

Why not check out some of the coverage on our socials

And passion projects like this one fall right into the overall ethos of our business and our core values. Honesty, Respect & Care, Transparency, Creativity, Growth, and Partnership – we build long-lasting relationships within our clients, community and team and we really do believe in giving back. Not only are we helping small organisations, but the benefit this gives our team is also amazing to see. It allows the team to also give back, push their boundaries of creativity, learn new skills and have fun doing it. And I think this is one of the secret ingredients that set us apart from other agencies. After all, we do call ourselves “Not your typical agency.”


If you are a business owner or are part of a community group and think that your business would be a perfect fit for one of our passion projects, then please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

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