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Standout Chilly Season Marketing Campaigns of 2024

It’s January, it’s cold and everyones still recovering from the festivities – but we can’t help but applaud some of the creative genius we see when the temperatures drop and when it seems everyone needs good marketing to pick ‘em up! 

Below, we’ve rounded up our fave chilly season marketing campaigns we’ve seen this year so far. So, grab a cuppa, find a cosy spot by the radiator, and join us in applauding the industry gold that’s taking main stage this winter.

  • KitKat – ‘Take a Brrr’ Break

KitKat is back again with a smashing, punny campaign – smart, simple and effective. The temperatures are dropping but KitKat’s marketing team are hotter than ever with a cool new OOH (Out of Home) ad. 

We love how effective it is, relevant and on trend as we all need a reminder to take a brrrreak from the cold this winter season. 


  • UNIQLO – HeatTech Hug Campaign 

Can you see we’ve got a theme going here. It’s cold b**ches! We’ve even had to invest in mini office heaters. 

Taking spot two is UNIQLO’s HeatTech product launch encouraging people to get up close and personal with their loved ones, spreading a bit of warmth. The campaign took to the streets of France and gave passers-by the choice to nab some of its latest HeatTech goodies. 

The twist? You cannae pay in £ or € – payment in hugs ONLY! 

This innovative approach to payment brings a delightful and heartwarming element to the campaign. Passers-by are prompted to embrace their loved ones until the vending meter is fueled up, dispensing the coveted HeatTech goodies. The slogan, “Feels like a big warm hug,” perfectly aligns with the sentiment behind the campaign. 

Kudos UNIQLO. 

  • Samaritans’ ‘Brew Monday’

Shifting gears to a campaign that goes beyond consumer products, Samaritans’ latest initiative challenges the stigma surrounding ‘Blue Monday,’ commonly considered the most depressing day of the year.

This mental health-focused campaign which the brand is running every year, dismantles the notion that the calendar should decide people’s mental health. Samaritans urges individuals to pick up the phone, check in on loved ones, and organise a ‘Brew Monday’ tea break at work. To further spread warmth to commuters affected by the winter blues, LNER & c2c Rail have Samaritans volunteers at their stations giving away cake and tea.

Many of businesses got involved for the day with the hashtag #BrewMonday! 

That’s a wrap-up from us!

As we navigate the frosty landscape of the winter months, these standout chilly season marketing campaigns serve as a testament to the creative brilliance within the industry. 

KitKat’s simplicity, UNIQLO’s warmth-themed innovation, and Samaritans’ compassionate approach collectively showcases the diverse ways in which brands and organisations are making a positive impact during the winter months. 

Just because it’s cold out there doesn’t mean your marketing needs to be frosty. Check out our services to find out how we can help heat up your marketing! 

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