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Redefining Milton Keynes: From Day-Stay Destination

Milton Keynes, often considered just a day-trip spot, is transforming. With our collaboration with the Association of Milton Keynes Hoteliers (AMKH), the city is steadily becoming an appealing option for extended stays.

Our recent Influencer campaign aimed to shift perceptions and showcase the depth of experiences Milton Keynes has to offer. We set out on a mission to turn Milton Keynes into more than just a day destination, inviting influencers from all over the UK to experience everything it has to offer and market Milton Keynes, its hotels, restaurants and activities to new audiences and drive greater tourism.

The Mission 

Our goal was to paint Milton Keynes in a new light and get more folks visiting. We focused on showcasing the city’s charm and inspiring more people to check out Milton Keynes. We brought together a diverse group of influencers – families, couples, and individuals and sent them on an exciting journey through Milton Keynes, encompassing hotel stays, dining experiences and thrilling activities – to spread the word about the city’s inclusivity and accessibility. 

From activity kicking off from April till December, we had an audience combined follower count of 479.8k with an average reach on reel content at 18.4k! 

We worked with the wonderful team at Destination MK to book fun adventures with their member for the influencers to enjoy, such as crazy golf, go-karting, theme parks and more. 

Impact and Engagement

Let’s look at the numbers—they’re pretty sweet:

  • A combined follower count of nearly 480k across all influencer platforms.
  • An average reach of 18.4k per piece of content, with total content reach topping 139k.
  • 114 social media assets created and shared across multiple accounts and platforms
  • Significant engagement with over 20k likes, comments, and saves.

It’s clear from these numbers that our campaign didn’t just reach a lot of people; it got them excited about visiting Milton Keynes. We’ve even heard that folks are already planning their trips!

What the client had to say:

“Spinks Creative have been a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism was immediately apparent and this, along with their collaborative spirit, creativity, and ability to drive impressive engagement with a reach of nearly 480k have made this project a standout success. They were engaged from day one on the goal of shifting perceptions of MK from a day destination to a stay destination and were very keen to support the local hotel association members and other local businesses. It’s been a great project.” 

Jon Kett-Reynolds, Chairman at AMKH

You can check out our full case study on the project here. 

MK – the place to be!

Our efforts have not only increased direct hotel bookings but also sparked continued interest and re-visits to Milton Keynes. The ‘city of dreams’ is no longer just a stopover but a destination worth exploring in its own right. We can’t wait to see what new adventures we get up to for Milton Keynes in the coming months….stay tuned. 

Oh, and before I forget: Milton Keynes has now been named one of the best places to live in the UK for 2024 by The Times! How cool is that? If you’re keen on tapping into influencer magic for your brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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